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Multi Pole Low Voltage Aluminum Conductor Rail System

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product name: Multi Pole Low Voltage Aluminum Conductor Rail System
Product number: HXTS-4-10/50
Products Exhibitors: Tianbao
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Multi-pole Enclosed conductor rail system made up aluminum shell and copper bar inside,The products with its compact design,stable performance,use safe characteristic is widely used in mobile powered equipment as hoist,electric overhead travelling crane,gantry crane,stocker and movable electric tools etc.

Multi Pole Low Voltage Aluminum Conductor Rail System  Detailed description of

Mulit Pole Low Voltage conductor rail system


HXTL conductor rail system is used as power transmission bus bar when it is embedded with copper bars with high insulation performance in high-strength aluminum alloy pipes. they are developed and manufactured by our combining international advanced technology., It’s adopt hard durable aluminum alloy enclosed, which products feature longer service life, resistance against high temperature, radiation resistance and screening of transmission line.

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