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China Supplier Plastic Cable Drag Chain

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product name: China Supplier Plastic Cable Drag Chain
Product number: Drag Chain
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Cable drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, doors and windows machines, injection molding machines, mechanical hands, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouses.

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China Supplier Plastic Cable drag chain


1. It has very nicelooking appearance and has very rationalconstruction and flexible and high strength. It is reliable and easy to operate, install, dismantle or assemble. It is worthwhile mentioning that the antiwearing performance has been improvedgreatlydue to wear resistent material and alloy pin-shaft are used.

2. The product is flexible to bending and has low resistance, giving low noises. It can be used for a very long period of time without any deforming or hanging down.

3. The product is nicelooking, which makes the machine tool unit nicer looking as a whole and makes the machine tools and machineries more competitive in the international market.



1.The drag chain can adapt to max. Moving speed of 40m/sec.

2.When at the max moving speed, the sound pressure of noises shall not be greater than 68 db.

3.The service life of the drag chain shall not be less than 1 million times(reciprocating).

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